Rj walker plumbing Wilkes-Barre, PA ripoff

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Went in to get a price quote on item.Salesperson told me item was in stock.

They quoted me a price as I was standing there, even using salesperson's pen to write the quote down as they repeated it to me. I went in three weeks later to purchase the item and they billed me for thirty dollars more. I questioned the salesperson charge me more than they originally quoted me. Salesperson denied quoting me the price.

I paid in cash. I have aired my complaint on the company's website and they have yet to respond. I have found many, many items priced ridiculously higher at RJ Walker than at Home Depot and Lowes. If you are a tradesman, maybe they give you a lower price, but if a person off the street they will definitly stick it to you.

Personally, I think the customer service is better at Home Depot and Lowes.

If you get a price quote from RJ Walker, make sure the representative signs and dates that quote.I suggest shopping elsewhere, save yourself the grief.



Home depot will label their products with the same model # that a plumbing wholesaler uses but it will have cheaper internal parts, plastic as opposed to brass. Buy a toilet from Home Depot and compare it to the one at a plumbing wholesaler. I work for a manufacturer.

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The reason why an item would be cheaper at lowes and Home Depot is that those two companies use cheaper parts to build the product where as walkers and other family owned businesses only buy products that are made from the best parts. Also, for you to say that the customer service at those two establishments are better just shows how ignorant you are.

to A real plumber #732491

The reason I said customer service is better at Home Depot and Lowes is because of My Personal Experience, not yours.So take your head out of your *** before you start calling anyone ignorant.

Furthermore your first comment is pure fantasy.

If you buy the same item, made by the same company, with the same stock number at Home Depot, Lowes, or RJ Walker has that particular part, you are telling me the part at RJ Walker is going to be built better?Now who is being ignorant.

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